Governance and Management of Higher Education in India

The rapid expansion of Indian higher education and diversification in terms of courses, providers and mode of delivery necessitates the understanding of the emerging governance and management structures which are more complex than before.  The role of universities in expanding knowledge continues, while at the same time the institutional alternatives to them focus on skills’ development in areas linked directly to the market economy.  The universities are becoming entrepreneurial.  There is shift in resource allocation from an input-orientation to output and outcome-orientation.  The diversified structure has made it imperative to study the governance and management structures to understand the changing role of the state, examine the issues of autonomy and accountability with measures to improve efficiency in operation, improve performance of institutions and staff and resource allocations, based on institutional performance.

The broad objectives of the research project are firstly to discuss the evolution of the governance structure and processes at the national, state and institutional level.  The project also aims to understand how the Ministry of Education, Directorate of Higher Education, State Councils of Higher Education and higher education institutions interact. Further, the project will examine the role and functioning of governing bodies at universities and colleges.  Finally, the project aims to study the management of higher education at the institutional level.

The research study explores how the governance and management of Indian higher education has evolved and also aims to understand the functioning of governance and management of higher education at the national and state level. The study also examines how higher education institutions are governed and managed.  The study follows a descriptive and analytical research design and a comparative approach, analysing the similarities and differences in the governance and management in the selected institutions.  The study has been launched in institutions from the following states: Banaras Hindu University in Uttar Pradesh, and state universities and their affiliated colleges i.e. Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu University of Rajasthan in Rajasthan, and Savitribai Phule Pune University in Maharashtra.

Project Coordinator/Principal Investigator: Dr. Garima Malik