Teaching and Learning in Indian Higher Education

Teaching and learning is considered vital for all educational sectors. The landscape of higher education in India is continuously changing, with increased international competition, diverse student composition and types of educational service providers and increasing demand of value for money and efficiency. This calls for new teaching methods among other reform prerequisites. However, there seems a lack of substantial empirical evidence on the status of teaching and learning and development of higher education faculty in India.

This study intends to know how the teaching-learning process varies among disciplines and institutions and what measures are to be taken to improve teaching and learning in Indian higher education institutions. The study looks into faculty profiles, i.e. the social, academic and professional profile of the individuals teaching in Indian higher education institutions; perceptions of teachers about their roles, their articulation and understanding about teaching, their professional development needs and priorities; what transpires as teaching-learning and institutional support to the faculty in and out of the classroom to promote teaching-learning across disciplines; and students’ perception and  assessment of the quality of teaching-learning experiences in their primary programs of study.

The specific objectives are to understand the process of teaching and learning in the higher education institutions (colleges and universities) in India and identify possible diversities and different practices; to understand the dynamics of teaching across a range of disciplines at bachelors’ and masters’ level programs; to analyse the effectiveness of teaching and institutional environment in the learning of the students in order to understand the policy priorities and policy responses in terms of teaching and learning, faculty and learner development in higher education.

The research project is a multi-state, multi-institutional study and employs mixed-methods’ approach to examine teaching and learning in various academic programs across the chosen set of higher education institutions (One University and one of its affiliated colleges) in five states.  The Guru Ghasidas University, Chattisgarh; Calcutta University, West Bengal; Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat and Periyar University, Tamil Nadu are part of this project on Teaching and Learning in Indian Higehr Education.  

Project Coordinator/Principal Investigator: Dr. Sayantan Mandal