India Higher Education Report 2015

India Higher Education Report

CPRHE/NUEPA has initiated a publication on Indian higher education entitled ‘India Higher Education Report’ (IHER). The IHER aims to focus on the current issues and challenges facing the higher education sector in India. It is envisaged that IHER may become an annual publication and serve as a good reference document for researchers and policy- makers in India. It was felt that the first issue of the IHER report should be comprehensive and should have articles on major issues and challenges facing higher education in the country. The specific themes included in the IHER 2015are:i) The Higher Education Context i.e., Policies, Commission and Committees; ii) Equity in Higher Education; iii) Quality in Higher Education; iv) Diversification of the System, v) Employment of the Higher Education Graduates; vi) Financing of Higher Education; vii) Private Higher Education; viii) Governance and Management; and ix) Internationalisation.

The Centre developed a concept note for the IHER, the prospective authors of different chapters were identified in July and abstracts of the papers were invited. The first Peer review meeting to discuss the framework and individual chapters, based on the abstract, was organised on July 25, 2014. Based on the discussions, the authors were requested to develop their papers and another Peer review meeting of the authors of the IHER-2015 was held on October 29, 2014. A document containing extensive comments was prepared by the Centre and was sent to the authors for revision of their papers. The final versions of the papers were received by January 2015. The Centre finalised the papers and the manuscript was finalised for publication. Meanwhile, the Centre was engaged in negotiations with publishers and contacted Routledge for publication of the IHER Report 2015. This report is under publication.